Line Backer Pull Over


The Linebacker is my latest pattern.

I love it that stripes are in style right now and was thinking about how I could design something a little different with stripes. How could I play with stripes or an accent color? This is what I came up with.

The Linebacker has stripes in the back but not in the front. From the front it looks like solid pullover with stripes only on the sleeves, but turn it around and there are stripes in the back that follow the stripes in the sleeves. It is worked in one piece from the top down.

The shape is clean and modern with slits at the sides, a ballet neck, and a pocket detail. The inside of the pocket is worked in the accent color.

A big thank you to my wonderful test knitters who came up with beautiful color combinations! One test knitter used a third accent color in one of the stripes, which I thought was a great idea! Some test knitters worked the trim around the neck and cuffs in their main color and some used the accent color. There are lots of ways to change up the accent colors in this design so it can be tame like mine, or very funky if you want it to be more colorful.

3 thoughts on “Line Backer Pull Over”

  1. I love your designs. You mention that your test knitters used their own creativity in color choices. I would love to see those as well. Thank you for your work. Also enjoyed the interview on the Spud and Cloe newsletter.

  2. Thanks so much for your comment! All of my test knitters posted photos of their projects on Ravelry, but I think it is a great idea to also share photos of some of the test knitters projects on this blog. I will remember that for future blog posts.

  3. Très beau modèle comme toutes vos créations qui me plaisent tout particulièrement. Votre style me correspond tout à fait. Je suis à l’écoute de tous vos projets.
    Félicitations et merci pour votre créativité.

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