Plucky Knitter and the Changing Currents Cardigan

changing-currents4When I received the beautiful Plucky Knitter Bello Worsted I was immediately in love. The yarn is so soft and luxurious with fabulous drape. The color (Big Sky) is rich with subtle tones and depth. I wanted to design something extra special for this extra special yarn.

I had a few ideas, but they were all too basic. To be extra special, the design needed to be unique, yet true to my simple aesthetic. It needed to be wearable and fun to knit. I swatched and swatched, and sketched and sketched. I loved the way the yarn looked in the welt stitch. The stitch pattern brought out the subtle yet rich tones as it changed from stockinette to reverse stockinette. I liked the simplicity of the stitch. I liked the welt stitch swatch held sideways as well. I thought about how I could construct a garment that used the stitch both side to side and up and down. I sketched some more and swatched some more and the result is the Changing Currents Cardigan.

I can’t stop wearing it this fall. It feels like liquid warmth. The drape is so lovely. It feels so soft and wonderful to wear.  I wear it to work with dresses. I wear it to casual weekend social events with my most comfortable jeans.  When I wear it, strangers come up to me to compliment me on my sweater and to ask where I bought it.

I am so happy that it turned out extra special, but I am quite certain that anything knit in Plucky Knitter yarn will turn out extra special!