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New website and new pattern (for free!)

Hooray! I finally have my website up and all my patterns loaded onto it. It was a big undertaking for me to make this website.  I am so very happy  that it is ready, and I want to celebrate and give everyone who subscribes to my mailing list a free pattern to say thank you for visiting my site, and thank you for subscribing to my mailing list. The free pattern is for the Saturday in November .

Line Backer Pull Over

The Linebacker is my latest pattern. I love it that stripes are in style right now and was thinking about how I could design something a little different with stripes. How could I play with stripes or an accent color? This is what I came up with. The Linebacker has stripes in the back but not in the front. From the front it looks like solid pullover with stripes only on the sleeves, but .